Export to Overseas

Preparation for export usually requires a combination of:

  • vaccinations
  • blood testing to confirm immunity or infection status with respect to specific parasites
  • preventative treatments
  • certification that your pet is fit to fly.

Preparation requirements for export varies between countries and it is very important to be sure what treatments or certifications your pet may need prior to making an appointment. We refer you to the Australia Government  website for more detailed information. Please remember that the Australian government does not guarantee that the information on this site is correct and the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service suggests you make contact with the country you are traveling to in order to confirm the exact requirements your pet will need to fullfil. Contact the embassy or high commission of the relevant country. Preparation of your pet may take several months so we suggest you investigate requirements earlier rather than later!

Your pet’s transport requirement can be quite complex and if you are traveling at the same time or prior to their departure, things can get quite complicated! Jet Pets is an excellent animal transport company who will be able to assist you in getting your pet to their new home as easily as possible.

If you are planning a trip overseas with your pet then please email us at reception@innersouthvets.com.au.

The information we need is:

  1. Your name
  2. Your contact details
  3. Animal’s name, age and species
  4. Country of destination
  5. Date of Intended travel

Inner South Veterinary Centre will then guide you through the next step/s to take.

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