Small Mammal Boarding

Need Rabbit Boarding, Guinea Pig Boarding, Rat Boarding?

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs can be sensitive animals and are often stressed by change. Stress can in turn lead to significant problems such as gut disease. It is important to take this into account when boarding them. There are a few simple precautions that can be taken to make their time with us as enjoyable as possible.


Your rabbit or guinea pig will be housed in a separate ‘exotics’ room in our new, spacious cattery. This means they are not exposed to any cats, dogs or ferrets or other animals that might stress them.

We provide spacious, well ventilated cages and hutches for your pet. These will be cleaned daily to ensure a high level of hygiene. If your pet has a few small items they are particularly attached to, we recommend you bring these in to provide comfort and familiar smells.

Rabbits and Guinea pigs often find a change in bedding or litter stressful. We use Breeders Choice pelleted litter. Please inform us if you pet would prefer a different bedding or proved us with you pets preferred bedding.


We provide our boarding rabbits and guinea pigs with Burgess® Timothy Hay, and at least 3 different vegetables or herbs daily.

We also offer Burgess® Rabbit or Guinea pig pellets in small amounts, approximately 5% of the diet. A change in diet can stress rabbits and guinea pigs and predispose them to gut disease. If your rabbit or guinea pig is used to a particular mix of foods, please provide this while they are in boarding.

If you would like your rabbit or guinea pig’s diet assessed while they are in boarding that can be easily arranged.

Small Mammals


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