Sometimes our pets wander into unfamiliar surroundings and become lost. If you become separated from your pet for any reason, when your pet is found it can easily be scanned by a vet or an animal shelter. If it is microchipped then you can be rapidly and easily reunited!

All dogs and cats in the ACT must be microchipped. Microchipping is not an alternative to registration and both are compulsory.

Microchipping is a safe procedure that requires the insertion of a micro-chip, approximately the size of a grain of rice, into the back of the neck of the dog or cat, giving permanent identification. Few animals show any signs of discomfort during this simple and quick procedure. Dogs can be micro-chipped by Domestic Animal Services, the RSPCA or any veterinarian.

The microchip databases are complicated. There is not one database but six different ones!

In Australia there are currently four different privately owned microchip registers, and one run by the NSW government. Your pet’s details may be on one of these five databases.

1. Australasian Animal Registry

2. Central Animal Records

3. Petsafe

4. HomeSafeID

5. NSW Companion Animal Registry

At Inner South Veterinary Centre we recommend pets to be registered on the Australian Animal Registry (AAR). This one is truly nationwide and is the biggest database. It’s OK to be registered on more than one!

How can I know which register my pet is on?

To tell which register your pet is on simply hop on to Pet Address and enter in your pet’s microchip number. This will tell you which register your pet is on. Note that Pet Address only searches the five national databases above.

Oh no! I checked on petadress.com.au and my pet is not on any of the five national databases.

If your pet came from NSW (e.g. you moved from there or originally bought it from NSW) then it might not be on any of the five national databases. It might be just on the NSW Companion Animal Registry. Please have a look at the Companion Animal Registry for some more information. We recommend to register also on the AAR.

Updating contact details

It is important to keep your microchip details up to date in case your pet goes missing. Once you know which register your pet is on you can check and update your contact details. Each database has its own procedure for doing this. If you move or change your contact details you should also make sure your details are up to date.

Come in and get your pet’s microchip scanned, and details updated as required. Our staff can easily help you do this.

Dog Registration

Dog registration is compulsory in the ACT and dogs must always wear their registration tag or a dog tag that displays their registration number.

Registration is for the lifetime of the dog and a registration form is available online. Hardcopy forms are available at Canberra Connect Shopfronts and Domestic Animal Services.

Don’t forget to update dog registration details when moving.

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