Health Checks

Pet Health Check

Puppy and Kitten health checks. The first visit with a new puppy or kitten is a very special one! It gives us a chance to do a complete physical examination, make sure you new baby is healthy. We go though all the routine health care guidelines. There is so much to learn!

Post Purchase health checks. After acquiring new birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats and mice we recommend a health check within three days. This allows us to make sure that your new pet is healthy and address any concerns raised. It is also a great opportunity to discuss nutrition and husbandry.

Adolescent health checks are performed prior to desexing (at about 6 months of age). We check body weight and condition, palpate hips, check teeth, umbilical hernias and ensure the animal is physically ready to be desexed.

Annual health checks are performed when dogs and cats are presented for vaccinations. At this time we perform a full physical examination, ensuring that routine health care is appropriate and discuss any concerns regarding the pet’s health or behaviour.

Dental health checks. Our dental health program is designed to achieve premium dental health right throughout life. We aim to prevent the irreversible changes that occur when left untreated. We offer year round FREE dental health checks.

Senior health checks and wellness testing are performed more frequently to detect problems early. Dogs and cats age more quickly than people so problems can also develop in a much quicker time frame.



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