Comfort Cattery

The Comfort Cattery Canberra is a boutique cattery, located within the Inner South Veterinary Centre, in Narrabundah. The Comfort Cattery is centrally located in Canberra, 10 minutes from the Airport and GPO and close to the town centres of Kingston, Griffith, Manuka and Red Hill.

The Comfort Cattery Canberra

  • Provides luxurious accommodation for cats
  • Is staffed by qualified veterinary nurses and is supervised by our veterinarians
  • Is fully climate controlled
  • Feeds Hill’s Science diet premium foods or any special diets supplied by you
  • Older cats and cats on medication well catered for
  • Twice daily exercise and playtime and use of a play gym
  • Continuous Feliway pheromone diffusers operate in all rooms of cattery promoting calmness and well being
  • All cats are fully vaccinated, wormed and flea treated
  • Dedicated exotics room for boarding rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents

Accommodation for Cats

Your cat stays in a spacious walk-in enclosure with multiple levels.
The floor has plenty of space for food bowls and litter trays.  The second level has a comfy bed. The third level has a viewing platform with a window and day bed.  Two cats (from the same household) can easily share an enclosure. Please discuss sleeping arrangements with our staff if you have more than two cats, or are not sure how well your two cats will get on together. For some shorter stays or in peak times, some of the enclosures may be only single level.
Some of our older guests may have trouble jumping up and they can be provided with easy to use steps or single level accommodation if needed.  The cattery is climate controlled to keep it cool in summer and toasty warm in winter.  All cats have play time twice daily but there is no direct contact with other cats. Please enquire at reception to have a tour of the cattery.
Diet – You can supply your own food if required. We supply Hill Science Diet as standard and Premium tinned foods. We have a full range of Hills Science and prescription diets available for purchase if your cat has special needs.

Health Requirements for Boarding

Health Requirements at the Comfort Cattery Canberra

  • Cats must be 5 months or older
  • A current F3 or F1/F2 vaccination is required
  • All cats must be desexed
  • Flea prevention must be current. Frontline or Revolution must have been applied within the last four weeks. We can apply it for you if this hasn’t been done
  • Worming must be current. We can worm your cat for you if they are not up to date
  • Please make our staff aware of any health conditions that your cat is being treated for. A history from your vet will ensure that we understand your cats situation and give it the best possible care
  • Please discuss any special circumstances with our vets. Our veterinary staff can provide care for any of these concerns
  • Rabbits must have up to date Calicivirus vaccination (RCD)

Older cats and cats with health or medical problems are readily catered for at the Comfort Cattery Canberra

We regularly board cats with a variety of health problems such as diabetes, arthritis, renal failure and hyperthyroidism. Be assured that your cat will not be in contact with any cats with infectious or contagious diseases. All our cats are closely monitored during their stay. They are weighed when they come in and their feeding and toileting is monitored twice a day. Our staff are veterinary nurses and onsite veterinary care is always available.

If your cat becomes unwell during its stay, we will contact you whenever possible before commencing treatment. If we can’t contact you we will still provide the appropriate care and treatment needed until we can make contact.

Rates and Opening Hours

  • Standard Rate
    • 1 cat – $36.00 per day
    • 2 cats – $68.00 per day
    • 3 cats – $101.00 per day
  • Long stay – $33.00
  • Standard Rate for Rabbits – $46.00 per rabbit per day
  • Guinea pigs – $46.00 per cage
  • Mice/ Rats – $46.00 per cage
  • Ferrets – $46.00 per cage
  • There is no charge for the day of going home if cats are picked up before 11am
  • More than three cats will be given a negotiated quote, please speak to our staff
  • Monthly bookings or longer stays will be charged at monthly rate
  • Christmas and Easter bookings have a minimum of 5 days and will require a deposit
  • Book early for Christmas and Easter

Before your pet’s stay at the cattery you will need to complete a CATTERY PASSPORT.

To save time on the day, fill it out now and post or email it back, or bring it with you on the day.

New pick up and drop off times for cats:

MONDAY 8:30AM  – 10:30AM and 3:30PM – 5:30PM
TUESDAY  8:30AM  – 10:30AM and 3:30PM – 5:30PM
WEDNESDAY  8:30AM  – 10:30AM and 3:30PM – 5:30PM
THURSDAY  8:30AM  – 10:30AM and 3:30PM – 5:30PM
FRIDAY  8:30AM  – 10:30AM and 3:30PM – 5:30PM
SATURDAY 8:30AM – 3:30PM (every second)
Sunday/Public Holidays CLOSED

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