Small Mammals

Small Mammals

We just love small mammals!
We have vets who are passionate about all aspects of care for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats and mice!

Rats and mice make wonderful pets, are intelligent and easily tamed. They are simple to care for and love social interaction with people. They are easy to handle and are very curious, and are lots of fun to play with. Rats love to eat anything! Rats are amazing pets!

Rabbits are playful, active, and curious, and need a good variety of toys to keep them occupied and out of trouble!. Rabbits are really quite trainable, but it may take some patience. Guinea pigs are social animals and usually make good family pets.

Both rabbits and guinea pigs are herbivorous animals and rely in correct nutrition to lead a healthy life. Inner South Veterinary Centre is one of the only vet clinics in Canberra to stock Burgess diets for rabbits and guinea pigs. These timothy hays, pellets and treats are the premium choice for these small creatures.

Ferrets are very sociable animals and can make wonderful pets, especially if handled and socialized well from an early age. They are inquisitive and playful animals with characteristics similar to those of dogs as well as cats.