Have you noticed lots of baby magpies and swooping adults around Canberra in the recent month? A few baby magpies have been bought into our vet clinic uninjured and unharmed. These babies have been found by well meaning people out walking in the streets of Narrabundah, Manuka and Red Hill.

Baby magpies spend the first few days of their life in a nest. After that they take to the ground during spring and summer to stretch their wings and learn to fly. It is vital that no one remove a baby magpie if one is found on the ground unless it is obviously injured.

Most people who carry away baby magpies get swooped by protective parents, but ingnore those protests. Most babies cannot fly because they are still learning, but their parents are around to protect them. Just because they are not flying does not mean they are injured.

If you are worried about predators such as cats, try placing the baby magpie in a tree nearby. Always keep children and domestic pets away from baby magpies. Monitoring the bird and it’s parents activity is the best way to assisst a seemingly helpless magpie.