October 11th, 2013 was Vet Nurses Day and we’d like to take a moment to thank all the hard working men and women who make up this vital part of the Inner South Veterinary Centre family.

The Inner South Nurse Team

Without the “Skill, Care, and Compassion” of this crew of dedicated people we just could not work to the standard we have set for ourselves. Our nurses are always there to give a pat or cuddle to a stressed or fretful animal, to provide an extra blankie or pillow to a pet who needs a little more comfort and to give that calming whisper of reassurance in the ear when a pet is anaesthetised.

Our nursing staff are also trained to an amazingly high level and are such a valuable resource. Their exceptional skill and their dedication to their job make them the truly unsung angels and heroes in our community. So THANKS to all the Vet Nurses at Inner South Vet Centre – we couldn’t do it without you!