Pet Insurance – Petplan®

Searching for pet insurance can be a daunting task. There are so many different companies that offer pet insurance products. If you’re not sure what you are looking for, trying to choose between them can be a time-consuming experience, and in some cases a costly exercise.
Pet Insurance is a way of budgeting for those unexpected events that involve expensive vet fees should accidents or illness happen. Petplan® Pet Insurance is committed to the welfare and enjoyment of your pets.

Petplan® started in the UK more than 35 years ago and is recognised as the most trusted name in pet Insurance. For almost a decade Petplan® has been the leading pet insurance specialist company in Australia. Petplan® Pet Insurance covers dogs, cats and horses.

What makes PETPLAN® different?

  • Genuine ‘Covered for Life’ for illnesses. Petplan® is the only pet insurance company in Australia that offers genuine ‘Covered for Life’ pet insurance. If your pet develops a chronic, re-occurring or life long illness that will require expensive treatment and medication for the rest of their life, you know that Petplans® will be there for the long haul.*(Covered for Life provided the policy is renewed without a gap in cover)
  • Petplan® only insures pets
  • Petplan® is the pet insurance specialist – we are absolutely committed to helping to keep the nation’s pets healthy, and their owners happy. We understand your passion, all of our staff are pet owners too
  • Petplan® is underwritten by Allianz Australia. You can rest reassured that your pet’s insurance policy is underwritten by one of Australia’s largest and the world’s most respected general insurers
  • Third Party Liability cover – Third Party Liability for your pet is important. Did you know that if your pet causes personal injuries or damage to a third party or their property, you can be found legally liable and have to pay? Petplan® pet insurance is the only pet insurance company to offer third party liability cover

Pets can receive the best treatment! And, if your pet is lost or stolen, Petplan® can offer a reward to the individual who found it. Petplan® insurance can also help cover the cost of boarding kennels/catteries if you are hospitalised, or help with legal costs if your dog causes any damage or injury to a third party. Petplan® with Inner South Veterinary Centre now offer a four weeks free try before you buy insurance program to puppies and kittens from 8 weeks of age until their first birthday. If your little one was to fall ill or have an accident within that time frame Pet plan will put $3000 towards veterinary treatment costs.

Pet insurance works best if you get in early before any problems develop, before there are any pre-existing conditions. Get insurance before your two year old cocker spaniel gets an ear infection, or your 18 month old labradoodle gets allergic skin disease, or 4 year old golden retriever ruptures their cruciate ligament. Cancer, epilepsy and diabetes are all covered too, what’s more these chronic diseases are covered for life.

If you think that pet insurance might be a good idea for you then please come in and have a chat to one of our team or have a look at the Petplan® website. Even better, if your puppy or kitten is over eight weeks and less than one year old then why not sign up for 4 weeks free with Petplan®?


There are many pet insurance companies to choose from. Do your own research, read the fine-print and make sure it is the right policy for you.