Local Manuka vet and co-owner of Inner South Veterinary Centre, Dr Amanda Nott is living her dream owning a practice in such a wonderfully diverse area within Australia.

Amanda says “Canberra is the ‘Bush Capital’ and I love the outdoor activities that are available nearby. We are so lucky to be able to mountain bike through bush reserves right in the middle of the suburbs, where we also walk our dogs and have great running tracks”.

Amanda has worked as a veterinarian since she graduated from Sydney University in 1989. After being brought up in Canberra, and gaining experience in both large and small animal veterinary fields, Amanda’s dream was to own a practice right in the heart of Canberra, which she dubs as “one of the most family friendly cities in Australia”.

It was in 2002 that she purchased the practice, with co-owners Dr Isabelle Resch and Dr Sandy Hume. Amanda and Sandy both grew up and went to school in the local Manuka area both living within a short distance of where Inner South Veterinary Centre currently stands.

“We both had friends and family living in the area. We brought our family pets here as we were growing up, giving us an introduction to the trials and tribulations of veterinary life. Sandy even did his school work experience at this practice that he now co-owns.“

Isabelle, Sandy and Amanda were working together as part of a team at another Canberra veterinary clinic when the opportunity arose to purchase Inner South Vet Centre, previously known as Alta Veterinary Hospital.

The current practice owners all complement one another with Sandy’s primary interest being small mammals, birds and reptiles, Isabelle having a strong interest in veterinary medicine and Amanda being the principal surgeon at the practice.

In fact, Amanda points out that all three co-owners have obtained the prestigious Membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists through rigorous examinations in their chosen fields and are now acting as mentors for other veterinarians seeking these extra qualifications.

Amanda’s passion for surgery may have been inherited. Her father was a human surgeon, igniting an interest while she was growing up.

“Surgery is a very challenging, but rewarding discipline. Often you feel that you can give immediate and life-saving help to your patients.”

Amanda and the Inner South Vet Centre team are also directly involved with the local community.

“We know lots of people and much of the time we really feel like we are the ‘Village Vet’ – you really get to know the families that you are dealing with. This personal touch really makes you feel part of the community and not just someone doing a job.”

Inner South Vet Centre has an extensive work experience program for both school age kids as well as specialised workplace programs for school kids with social and physical disabilities. This special veterinary practice also oversees veterinary students doing their in-practice rotations and helps the students get through their studies through a mentoring program.

Apart from direct local community involvement, the Inner South Vet Centre also supports charities they feel passionate about.

“We have a donation program from our food sales that provides a regular contribution to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) which is dedicated to the conservation of Australia’s threatened wildlife and ecosystems. $1.00 from the sale of every bag of pet food is donated to the AWC.”

A more unusual charity that they support is the HeroRAT program overseas.

“We also sponsor a HeroRAT called Mojo, an African Giant Pouched Rat, whose job is to detect land mines in Mozambique and Thailand to allow them to be safely cleared from farmland. These HeroRATS save many lives.”

Amanda is proud of her and her team’s achievements at the Inner South Veterinary Centre in Canberra. This is partly due to her team members’ passion for being veterinarians.

“After 25 years we all still love turning up to work, and we feel that we all make a valid contribution to helping people get through the ups and downs of their own lives.”

If you are looking for a Manuka vet, Inner South Vet Centre is located at 47 Jerrabomberra Ave in Narrabundah. For further information, please call 6295 0770 or visit their website at www.innersouthvets.com.au

This article was written by veterinarian and writer Dr Gretta Howard and reproduced with her permission.