• Have you noticed a few more grey whiskers on your old dog?
  • Is your older cat just starting to slow down a bit, sleeping 23 hours a day rather than their normal 22 hours?
  • Is your older rabbit just that little bit quieter and less active?

Our pets will get older just like us, and there are things that can go wrong in old age. But also, just like us, there is a LOT that can be done to help the older pet through their twilight years with ease, comfort and enjoyment.

Regular Wellness Testing and Health Checks

Early detection of senior diseases really is the key. There are a number of common problems seen in older pets, such a thyroid disease, kidney disease, liver problems and diabetes. Knowing about these sooner rather than later means that we can step in and support your pet and provide them with the best quality of life. Routine blood testing is a major part of this and we recommend senior animals have wellness blood testing every six months. Animals on medications for heart disease, kidney disease, epilepsy, thyroid disease, arthritis and so on also benefit from 6 monthly wellness blood tests.

Blood testing is often combined with urine testing. It can be tricky to remember when your pet is due for what so we can organise reminders to make it easier.

Lumps and Bumps

Lumps and bumps also commonly happen in our older pets. As pets age they often develop growths in or under the skin. Your vet should always check out all lumps. They may well be nothing serious but then again, they might be serious and the sooner a lump is identified as a problem the sooner we can do something about it, while it is still small!

Arthritis Management

Older pets get stiff! Just like us they develop arthritis and this can make them very uncomfortable. Your pet might not quite have that spring in their step, may not want to go for a walk, and might not climb up on the window ledge anymore. All these are signs that they might be in discomfort and we don’t want that for them. An examination to detect arthritis is really important. A program tailoured to their individual needs can keep them happier and more mobile for longer!

Veterinary science has come so far in recent years and we can offer your aging pet a range of treatments designed to give them the longest, happiest and most comfortable life possible. We are well set up to make this easy on you, their devoted owner, with reminders and scheduled appointments to take the worry out of managing your pets old age. By working together we can give your pet a long, happy, stress free, fun and comfortable life!

If you are worried about your pet getting older, call us now to make an appointment.