Keeping your turtle healthy

The Eastern Long-Necked Turtle (Chelodina Longicollis) is the only species of turtle allowed to be kept in the ACT without a licence. The keeping of turtles requires a specific set-up and a significant amount of knowledge. Turtles can live for over 20 years in the wild!

Regular health checks

We recommend annual or twice annual health checks to ensure that hidden diseases do not become serious and to provide you with the latest information on caring for your turtle. We can provide reminders for this service.

Signs of Serious Disease in Turtles

  • lethargy and inactivity
  • eating less than usual
  • lumps or bumps on the turtle’s head, tail or legs
  • cloudy eyes, puffy eyes or may keeping their eyes closed most of the time
  • sneezing
  • gasping, excessive gaping or raspy breath sounds
  • white or fuzzy patches of growth on turtle’s shell caused by fungal growths
  • shell rot
  • abnormal flotation

Other reasons to take your turtle to the vet:

  • Post purchase health checks – should be done within seven days of purchase
  • Advice about feeding and husbandry

For more information on caring for your turtle click here.



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