Project Description

Dr Mae Hingee

I’ve always been at my happiest when in the company of animals. While I didn’t always know what I wanted to be, I did know that whatever it was there would have to be animals. Growing up, I could always be found near the family pet. Any times in between where we didn’t have pets, I would instead adopt confused creepy crawlies I found in the backyard. Much to the distress of my poor mother, who ended up with bountiful populations of hand raised ‘pet’ snails and caterpillars that then proceeded to destroy her perfectly cultivated garden for generations to come.

I was born and grew up in Canberra, so this city will always have my heart. I started my working life in pet boarding whilst studying a bachelor of zoology at ANU. From there I moved into veterinary nursing and soon discovered that Vet Med was where I really belonged. After a fair few happy years of vet nursing, I eventually got the courage to make the leap to apply to vet school. I got into Murdoch University Vet School in Perth, so the husband and I (and our five fur-babies) trekked across the country to spend five years in the west. On completion of my degree, it was time to finally come home… and so here we are.

I have worked in a few clinics around Canberra but being able to join the team at Inner South has been a long held dream given that one of my true passions is exotics medicine… particularly with respect to bunnies! And what better place to find them in Canberra then here. As a card carrying, completely unashamed crazy bunny lady (yes, my house is indeed 99% bunny figurines and random bits of hay just like the rest of you), I look forward to getting to know all our bunny clients over the coming years. I am also very excited to start to learn and get to know all our other exotics patients too. Other than all things bunny, my other passions are feline medicine and behaviour.

When not at work, I am either being bossed around by my tiny, toothless, one-eyed netherland dwarf dictator Tink (who rules our house with an iron paw), being shouted at for dinner by my much loved furry cat-children Gus and Mia or playing board games or some other form of nerdery with my beloved husband, Nick.