Kitten Desexing

Its winter, and last years summer kittens are now teenagers. Cats in our climate tend to be a little seasonal in their breeding times, with most of the kittens born in spring and weaned by the end of summer.

It’s hard to think of our cute baby kittens growing up, but cats tend to go through puberty from about 4 to 8months of age. Once this happens the girls will soon start coming into season. They will be getting ready to have their own babies in the spring, and will start calling and attracting male cats around, even if they’re totally indoors. They become great escape artists too.

Teenage pregnancy in cats is more common than you might think, and they are very successful breeders which is why we have such a problem with unwanted kittens and semi-feral cats around our city.

We can prevent this very easily with a little operation for both the boys and the girls.

We recommend you desex your kittens now – especially if they are 4-6months of age. This will hopefully be before the girls first come into season which happens more often in early spring. The boys are much less likely to go wandering, start spraying or get into fights if they are done at this time too. They recover more quickly from their little op at this age, and the chances of it being a more expensive “In season” surgery is reduced.

There is no health need for cats to have a litter and the healthy life span of desexed cats is statistically much longer than those that are entire and breeding.

Prevent unwanted kittens – Book your young cats desexing surgery today.  Call our friendly reception team on 02 6241 3333.