Dental disease is one of the most common problems we see in veterinary practice. If you put together a group of ten dogs, as many as eight of them will have dental disease! This is less than ideal!

We want to do our best to prevent this problem. We want your pet to have a mouth that anyone, furry or human, can be proud of!

The signs of dental disease:

  •      Smelly or bad breath
  •      Brown or yellow stained teeth
  •      Broken or worn teeth
  •      Changed eating habits
  •      Chewing on one side only
  •      Drooling or pawing at the mouth
  •      Pain when you touch the face
  •      Red or even bleeding gums

What causes dental disease?

Our pets don’t clean their teeth like they used to (or like we do!). A lack of chewing sinew and muscle (from a wild catch) allows plaque and tartar build up around teeth. Bacteria breed around the tooth. This leads to inflammation and eventual loss of the attachments that hold the teeth in place. Nasty, painful disease results.

What problems are associated with dental disease?

Kidney disease, heart disease and liver disease can all be associated with dental disease. The increased bacteria in the mouth will end up circulating in the body. An unhealthy mouth leads to an unhealthy body. Dental disease can also be very, very painful and cause your pet to feel miserable and unhappy.

What is the best treatment?

Many dogs and cats need a general anaesthetic to assess the teeth and clean thoroughly under the gum line. Teeth that cannot be saved are generally removed to prevent problems in the future. A program can then be put together for your pet as an individual, to ensure their oral hygine remains good.

Why is prevention so important?

Prevention is the key with dental disease. There is a lot that can be done to prevent dental disease – from diet, to chew toys, from cleaning to natural supplements that alter the oral environment. All this adds up to a healthy mouth full of nice clean teeth. This is what’s best for your pet and we would love to work towards this with you!

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