We have all have heard of the NSW Government’s ban on Greyhound Racing. This emotive decision came after a special commission of inquiry found overwhelming evidence of animal cruelty, including mass greyhound killings and live baiting. This move has been applauded by many but lamented by others. One thing that can be agreed upon is that there were unsavoury and unacceptable practices in the industry and that this needed to change. It is also true that the ban on racing will have a significant impact on lots of good, honest people who love the dogs and the sport. While opinion is divided, in the long run the ban is seen as a positive change for the welfare of the dogs involved.

The Australian Veterinary Association supports the NSW Government’s decision. They do caution that we need to come together to work out the best way forward to support the people and dogs that are part of this industry as it is phased out.

Dr Robert Johnson, president of the Australian Veterinary Association says “as the Premier noted, the phasing out of the industry will affect many people and communities that rely on this industry, and we want to be sure that transition arrangements will support their needs, as well as the needs of the greyhounds”.

Now is the time that the general population considers taking on a greyhound as a pet. Greyhounds are often overlooked as a pet breed but they make a wonderful addition to a family. They are gentle, quiet, low maintenance and require surprisingly little exercise! They are fabulous with kids and live happily with other dogs and pets.

At the Inner South Veterinary Centre we work with a number of rehoming groups in the ACT and can vouch for the need for homes and the fabulous nature of the dogs that need those homes. These elegant and gentle dogs are not just speed machines; they do couch potato very well too! Before you know it a sleek form will be parked firmly on your couch, gazing up at you with loving eyes, just adoring every moment of being a pet!

In asking our vets their opinions of the breed we heard the following lovely comments: Dr Amanda Nott says “they are lovely dogs, with a placid and reliable personality’.

Dr Louise Grey says ‘they are adorable, gentle dogs. A breed I regularly recommend to family’s with kids as they are so tolerant and patient.’

Our vets hold the breed in high regard and we think that if you got to know a greyhound you would too.

Do you have room in your family for a greyhound? They have an extraordinarily large heart – designed for racing but perfectly adapted to loving you with all their might! If you think you might be able to help out one of the dogs in need of a home please contact us. We can put you in touch with rehoming groups and find you the perfect pet.

For those of you interested to find out more, the groups that we work with are :- Gumtree GreysFriends of the Hound and Greyhound Rescue.

The ACT Greyhound Support Network is the primary support base for ex-racing greyhounds in the Canberra region. They are a social Facebook community of greyhound enthusiasts who promote the breed as great pets. They also fundraise and provide support to rescue organisations, owners, foster carers and those interested in greyhounds as companions.