Services – Avian

Services – Avian

Our team has some of the leading bird vets in the Canberra area, with wide expertise in all aspects of bird care. This care starts with diet and husbandry and extends to surgery, laboratory testing and X-rays. We have extensive experience in all sized birds from finches, canaries, budgerigars, cockatiels, cockatoos, galahs, eclectus, amazons and macaws, as well as backyard poultry such as chicken, ducks and geese.

Health Checks

Post purchase health checks – after acquiring new birds, we recommend a health check within seven days. This allows us to make sure that your new bird is healthy and address any concerns raised. It is also a great opportunity to discuss nutrition and husbandry.

Regular annual health checks – ensure that hidden diseases do not become serious and provide you with the latest information on caring for your bird.

Behaviour consultations – Screeching, biting, aggressive behaviour and feather picking can often be attributed to behaviour problems. We have lots of helpful solutions to manage these issues.

Diagnostic Testing

Blood testing – a full blood count as well as chemistry tests are used to help determine the cause of disease. We have a full in-house laboratory.

Faecal testing – faecal swabs are examined microscopically to determine the presence of parasites or infections.

Radiography – our state of the art digital X-ray unit makes taking Xrays on bird very easy and quick. We can have images in a matter of seconds to view. X-rays are usually taken under anesthesia.

Cytology – using special stains we evaluate smears from tissues or fluids.

Chlamydia testing – several screening tests are available to test for the infective agent that causes psittacosis. Psittacosis may be transmitted to humans.

Virus screening- tests are constantly being developed to screen birds for new and emerging avian viruses.


Inner South Veterinary Centre is well set up to hospitalise sick birds. We have several small humidicribs that can be set at a certain constant temperature and humidity to provide an ideal environment for a sick birds. Glass panels allow us to monitor the birds without disturbing them.


Anesthesia in birds is very different to that in dogs and cats. Birds are not mammals and do not have a diaphragm. This means that conventional anaesthesia which relies on the animal using their diaphragm to ventilate is not really appropriate. We have a range of tiny endotracheal tubes used to intubate the avian patients and a small micro ventilator. Blood pressure and heart rate monitoring are used throughout with a dedicated veterinary nurse for every anaesthetic.


We have depth of experience in all areas of avian surgery. From tumours, hernias and prolapses to broken legs and wings we are well set up.

We have a fully equipped surgery with avian specific equipment, such as heating elements, to maintain body temperature during lengthy operations.

Bird Sexing

DNA sexing – samples are sent to a specialist laboratory to analyse the DNA sample collected from a bird’s blood.



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