Feeding your Parrot

Feeding your parrot

Feeding your parrot a complete and balanced diet is essential to their well being and longevity. A variety of foods should be offered to prevent deficiencies and health problems.

Most companion parrots eat seed mixes, which are high in fat, and are not nutritionally balanced. Our companion parrots tend to be relatively sedentary and can become overweight with associated health problems.

Conversely, parrots in the wild eat many plants, grasses, grass seed and insects. Wild parrots fly and walk miles daily searching for food.

Specially formulated parrot pellets

These are encouraged as a basis of a balanced diet. Vetafarm® bird food, an extruded pelleted food, is a complete balanced diet that yields great long-term health results. Pelleted foods are designed to be fed as 80-90% of the overall bird’s diet.

Vegetables and small quantities of fruits.

The following list gives examples of vegetables and raw fruits and that can be fed. Fruits have high sugar content, so should be fed sparingly.

  • dark green, leafy vegetables, including bok choy, silver-beet and endive (do not feed lettuce as this can cause digestive upset)
  • broccoli, cauliflower, beans and snow peas
  • carrot, pumpkin, sweet corn and sweet potato (may be fed raw or parboiled)
  • sprouted seeds – alfalfa, mung beans, or a pre-packaged fresh sprouted seed mix from the supermarket or green grocer
  • small amount of fruit including apples, oranges, bananas, pears and stone fruit.

Rhubarb, avocado, and chocolate are toxic and should be avoided.

Seeded diets

A diet of seeds and / or homemade concoctions simply does not meet the basic nutritional requirements of our companion birds. Many of the seeds found in parrot mixes contain 50% fat and are deficient in nearly all vitamins and minerals and some proteins. Many seeds also contain preservatives and pesticides. Many are not fresh. Birds will chose the seeds that are their favourites, often the ‘less healthy’ options and leave the ones that are ‘more healthy’.

Some seed or packaged bird foods are also artificially coloured. All seed diets are the bird equivalent of eating fast food all day, every day!

Choose the correct pellet diet suited to your birds’ needs!
Vetafarm ® “Designed by Vets, Perfect for Pets”

For further information on feeding, diet conversion and exercising your parrot, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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