This is what Dr William Grech says about feeding pet birds:

Many bird owners consider their bird to be their child… Do you allow your child to eat fast food every day? Unfortunately this is potentially what you are doing when you feed your bird a seed only diet. A diet of seeds simply does not meet the basic nutritional requirements of our companion birds and here are 5 reasons why:

  • Most seed mixes are high in fat, even more so by the time your bird has picked out and eaten their high-fat favourites, the sunflower seeds (which are also quite high in sugar!). Companion birds therefore commonly suffer from obesity that leads to many serious diseases such as cancer, fatty liver, diabetes and heart disease
  • Birds that eat seeds often seem to be ‘addicted’ and can be difficult to convert to a healthier diet. It is similar to offering a child a choice between a mars bars and a salad! What child would eat a salad if they had access to Mars Bars all day long
  • All  – seed diets lack in essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids which can cause egg binding, weak bones and poor beak and feather quality. Your bird’s beak should not have to be trimmed, feathers should not be frayed or discoloured and their moult should be seasonal and thorough
  • The quality of seed diets vary considerably between producers, retailers and seasonally. Seeds are often of low quality and can be contaminated by pesticides and preservatives
  • Seed diets may also stimulate aggression, chronic egg laying, feather picking and dry flaky skin

Improper nutrition is the cause of 90% of health problems and the leading cause of death in pet birds.  Unlike wild birds that compensate for deficiencies by eating other things, our companion birds need to be offered a complete and balanced diet.

Vetafarm® Bird food is the healthy alternative!

Inner South Veterinary Centre supplies Vetafarm specially formulated parrot pellets, an organic, proven, complete diet that yields the best long-term health results of any documented or homemade diet.

Vetafarm is a veterinarian designed formula that has a balanced ratio between fat content, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It provides exactly what your pet bird requires to remain healthy or improve health issues such as feather plucking due to malnutrition. Birds on Vetafarm live longer, have better, more natural colour and feather condition, are healthier and more active then their seed only eating friends.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your bird’s nutrition or healthcare.