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Inner South Veterinary Centre
47 Jerrabomberra Ave
ACT 2604

1800 785 330

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We are available for examination of your pet if you have any concerns about their health. Consultations may be booked between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm Monday to Friday and between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on a Saturday. Inner South Veterinary Centre is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Emergency After Hours

 The Animal Emergency Centre, Canberra is located in Unit 15, 2 Yallourn St, Fyshwick. It operates from 6.30 pm at night until 8 am the next morning. They are fully staffed all night and all weekends and public holidays and are very well equipped to cope with all those after hours problems. All records are transferred back to the animal’s usual vets the next day.

AECC can be contacted on 6280 6344 or click here to view their website

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Puppy and Kitten health checks. The first visit with a new puppy or kitten is a very special one! It gives us a chance to do a complete physical examination, make sure you new baby is healthy. We go though all the routine health care guidelines. There is so much to learn!

Post Purchase health checks. After acquiring new birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats and mice we recommend a health check within three days. This allows us to make sure that your new pet is healthy and address any concerns raised. It is also a great opportunity to discuss nutrition and husbandry.

Adolescent health checks are performed prior to desexing (at about 6 months of age). We check body weight and condition, palpate hips, check teeth, umbilical hernias and ensure the animal is physically ready to be desexed.

Annual health checks are performed when dogs and cats are presented for vaccinations. At this time we perform a full physical examination, ensuring that routine health care is appropriate and discuss any concerns regarding the pet’s health or behaviour.

Dental health checks.  Our dental health program is designed to achieve premium dental health right throughout life. We aim to prevent the irreversible changes that occur when left untreated. We offer year round FREE dental health checks.

Senior health checks and wellness testing are performed more frequently to detect problems early. Dogs and cats age more quickly than people so problems can also develop in a much quicker time frame.

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Vaccinations help prevent potentially fatal diseases in dogs, cats rabbits and ferrets. The role of vaccination is constantly evolving and at Inner South we keep abreast of current trends.

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Many pets have behaviour problems that cause problems at home, and are significant enough for the owner to report them to the vet. The majority of dogs and cats with significant behaviour problems are not badly behaved or willfully naughty. Behavioural consultations are extended consultations, usually half to one hour.

Behaviour problems in dogs

  • Separation anxiety
  • Barking
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Inappropriate urination and defaecation
  • Aggression

Behaviour problems in cats

  • Spraying/ inappropriate urination
  • Aggression
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Fear and anxiety


    This is one of the most challenging times for the pet owner and the veterinarian. Our very experienced veterinarians offer guidance and compassion when decisions regarding quality of life need to be made. Appointments can be made when it suits you, and we give you as much time as you need.


    Anaesthesia is a very widely practiced procedure in veterinary practice. Light anaesthesia is regularly used to aid in small, quick procedures such as taking X-Rays, for removal of grass seeds, examination of ears, for clipping sore spots.

    Anaesthesia is also used for surgical procedures, dentistry and some diagnostic procedures. Over the past 10 years there have been many advances in veterinary anaesthesia and anaesthetic monitoring equipment. We use the latest and safest anaesthetics and equipment to ensure maximum safety for your pets.

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    Desexing both male and female dogs and cats is required by law in the ACT. It also reduces the likelihood of some serious diseases and may contribute to a calmer temperament. Desexing is usually recommended at six months of age. Six months of age is before the pets reach sexual maturity, and are able to reproduce. Female dogs and cats usually have not had their first heat period before six months of age. However at six months, your pet is well grown, and has settled well into family life. They have also has plenty of time to develop immunity after vaccination.

    Desexing is recommended at 4-6 months of age in both male and female rabbits.

    We also perform desexing in ferrets, male rats and male guinea pigs.

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    The Inner South Veterinary Centre has a well equipped, modern surgery. Our experienced team of veterinarians and nurses adhere to the strictest codes of surgical practice to ensure the best quality of care for your pet.




    Veterinarians extensively use blood chemistry and haematology to aid in the evaluation of certain diseases. We have in house a blood chemistry machine which gives us results quickly. Off site laboratories are used for those additional tests that are required to evaluate medical problems.

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    The Inner South Veterinary Centre has recently purchased state of the art digital radiography. This means that taking X-rays of your pet has never been easier or quicker. We have the facilities to X-Ray dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, ferrets, turtles and rodents. The digital machine takes much better and quicker x-rays of the smaller creatures, allowing better interpretation.


    Inner South Veterinary Centre has a very modern ultrasound equipment. We perform abdominal, heart, chest and pregnancy ultrasounds. This is a very useful diagnostic measure to aid in the work up of liver, kidney and splenic disease as well as heart diseases. There are other indications for ultrasound as well. Abdominal, heart and chest ultrasounds require the patient to be dropped off at the Centre in the morning and collected in the afternoon. Pregnancy ultrasounds are usually done within a half hour consultation and the client stays with the patient.

    Anaesthesia or even sedation is rarely used as ultrasound is a painless procedure, done in a darkened room, which is quite calming for most animals. The patient will usually have the examination area shaved, as it is necessary to have the ultrasound probe directly touching the skin.

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    Periodontal disease is the most common infectious disease in the dog and cat affecting over 85% of all dogs and cats over 3 years of age. The cause of periodontal disease is plaque, which is primarily made up of proteins from saliva, and bacteria. Dental disease causes smelly breath, pain and inflammation in the mouth and eventually tooth loss. We offer year round FREE dental health checks and advise you whether your dog or cat needs professional scaling and polishing or whether good homecare programs can manage ongoing plaque.


    A very new technology in the veterinary world, Inner South has just installed a dental radiography machine to enable us to take very detailed X-rays of the teeth and tooth roots. This allows us to see and treat problems earlier that are traditionally not visible to the naked eye.

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    The Inner South Veterinary Centre offers diagnosis and ongoing treatment to dogs and cats with cancers. This can be a very trying time for the pet owner and we approach cancer therapy with a very compassionate outlook. Cancer surgery is often performed to potentially cure lots of cancers. We are well equipped to deliver chemotherapy to patients if that is the chosen treatment for the pet.


    The Comfort Cattery offers quality accommodation to your cat, birds and small mammals under the supervision of veterinary nurses and veterinarians. Older cats and those on medication are welcomed. The only requirement is that your cat is currently vaccinated.

    We have a room in the cattery dedicated to boarding birds, small mammals and exotic pets.

    To make an enquiry click here

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    Cryosurgery is a treatment for some types of skin cancer. Cats with white tipped ears, noses and eyelids and dogs with pink tummies and white noses are particularly prone to skin cancers. The procedure is relatively noninvasive and effective.


    Our health care programs are enhanced by our great range on nutritional products.

    Hills Science Diets provide precisely balanced nutrition for optimal health and wellness as well as the range of Hills Prescription Diets. These are therapeutic diets, helping to treat many of the common medical conditions.

    Oxbow - Oxbow is a US product producing high quality hays and pellets for rabbits and guinea pigs. The western timothy hay is additive and preservative free, and provides a high fibre, low protein, basis for ahealthydietOxbow produces both growth and maintenance pelleted diets. The pellets are timothy or alfalfa hay based and balanced for the different life stages. In hospital we use the

     oxbow ‘critical care’ diet for nursing unwell rabbits and guinea pigs.

    HarrisonsInner South Veterinary Centre is one of Canberra’s only retail suppliers of Harrisons bird foods, a certified organic, pelleted diet for birds. Harrisons pellets are available in two formulas, high potency and lifetime, to suit your birds species and stage. It is available in sizes suitable for finches right through to macaws. The Harrisons range is imported from the USA, where it was developed by a team of avian vets and nutritionists to be a completely balanced diet.

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  • It's not just Australian people who're suffering from obesity. More pets are too, with over 41% of dogs and over 32% of cats estimated to be clinically overweight or obese.
  • Extra weight is a significant danger to their health, increasing the risk of serious diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and painful arthritis.
  • Studies in dogs have shown those on a controlled diet with lower weight and body fat can live two years longer than dogs whose diets and weights aren't controlled.
  • By helping your pet slim down to their ideal shape, you won’t just reduce their risk of illness like heart disease and diabetes, you really can give them a new lease of life and vitality.

    Better still, being fitter may help your pet live a happier, healthier and longer life, so you can enjoy more happy times together. Weight management consultations are run by our veterinary nurse/dietician and is a FREE service. Dogs and cats will require a consultation and assessment by one of our veterinarians before starting on the weight management programme.

    Weight scales- Feel free to come in and weigh your dog or cat on our scales on a regular basis. We can then record their weight on our data base, so to monitor and congratulate progress.

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    Microchipping provides permanent, lifelong identification of your pet. This involves implantation of a very small computer chip usually under the skin of the neck. The microchip is about the same size as a rice grain and is inserted through a needle. At Inner South Veterinary Centre the microchip number is registered with the Australasian Animal Registry which can facilitate the prompt return of your pet if it becomes lost. As standard practice all lost animals that are handed in to us are scanned for a microchip and a search is carried out on the Australian databases for the owner.

    Microchipping is compulsory for all dogs and cats in the ACT. We also microchip birds, rabbits and other exotic creatures.


    At Inner South Veterinary Centre, most requirements for prescription medications can be met immediately or within a few days of ordering. Please ring and order your medications to ensure your waiting time is kept to a minimum. You can also send us an . Regular (minimum six monthly) health checks are essential for all animals on long term medications.

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    Several of our veterinarians are AQIS accredited veterinarians (AAV) qualified in preparing your pet for overseas travel. They can arrange for laboratory testing, vaccinations and treatments as determined by the import permit issued by the country your pet is traveling to. See dogs and cats - Export page for more information.


    Skin disease is a very common problem for our furry friends. We provide a comprehensive service of diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions.  Whether it is itchy ears, scratching or skin cancers and blisters – we can help.

    We also carry an extensive range of shampoos and conditioners, both natural and medicated to assist in management of these skin problems.

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    Inner South Veterinary Centre has a custom designed dog bath. Our nurses provide a bathing service for dogs (and the occasional cat!). These dogs often have chronic skin problems that require medicated shampoos and regular bathing. You can buy books of five bathing vouchers to attract a discounted fee.


    Clipping and grooming can be carried out under sedation or a general anesthetic for those animals that are unable to attend the usual grooming establishments. In summer some long haired cats require clipping to avoid or treat matting, and dogs with skin problems with often benefit from clipping.    

     CANBERRA PET CARE operate a complimentary pick up and delivery service for dogs and cats from Inner South Veterinary Centre. They are located In Queanbeyan and can be contacted on 6298 1555.

      PHYSIOTHERAPY Physiotherapy can play a significant role in a wide range of animal diseases and problems. Hallie Butcher is a long standing human physiotherapist who has now reticently qualified to treat animals as well. Hallie consults from Inner South Veterinary on odd Saturdays. Please call reception to discuss your animals's  needs.

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