Small Mammal and Bird Boarding

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Inner South Veterinary Centre
47 Jerrabomberra Ave
ACT 2604

1800 785 330


Need Bird Boarding, Rabbit Boarding or Guinea Pig Boarding?

Leave them with us and have peace of mind!

We have a separate exotics room dedicated to those species that are stressed by cats, dogs and ferrets. This room caters for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and birds. They are looked after by a team of veterinary nurses and kennel hands that attend to their every need. They are under the supervision of the veterinarians of Inner South Veterinary Centre.


The Comfort Cattery provides spacious well ventilated cages and hutches for rabbits and guinea pigs. They are cleaned daily to ensure high levels of hygiene and infection control. If your pet has a few small items that they are attached to, you can bring them in to provide comfort an familiar smells.

Birds are usually better off coming in their own cages, as they are used to and more comfortable in thier own cage. We do have bird cages if required.


The birds and exotic pets are offered premium quality foods during their stay. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are offered Oxbow hays, and the birds are offered Harrison's Bird food. Fresh vegetables and fruit are provided every day, and every effort is made to accommodate their special dietary requirements. If your pet is used to a particular mix of food please provide this while they are in boarding. A change of diet can cause stress in exotic pets and predispose them to disease.

We have a range of perches and toys as well as enrichment aids that make your pet’s time happier and more interesting!

  • Rabbits must be up to date with Caliciviris vaccinations and flea treatment
  • Ferrets must be up to date with their Distemper vaccinations