Dr Jelena's Tasmanian Devil encounter

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Dr Jelena was lucky enough to be able to visit, for the second time, to the Devil Ark Facility in Tomalla, in the beautiful Barrington Tops, a few weeks ago.  Devil Ark is an organisation dedicated to the breeding of an insurance population of Tasmanian Devils. This aims to safe guard against the very real threat of extinction due to Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD).   She helped out with health checks and research on their Tasmanian Devils.Vital research, conducted through the University of Sydney, will help us understand how the deadly disease works to one day find a cure!

To find out more about Devil Ark and how you can help this unique animal please go to http://www.devilark.com.au/

Below are some of the amazing photos Dr Jelena captured. Not only is she great with devils but she's quite the photographer too!

Check out those teeth!

Snuggle time

The team

So cute!

Beautiful Barrington Tops

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