Our expanding reptile family

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Google Maps location for Inner South Veterinary Centre

Inner South Veterinary Centre
47 Jerrabomberra Ave
ACT 2604

1800 785 330

At Inner South Veterinary Centre, we have lots of reptile patients professionally cared for and looked after by Dr Jelena Vukcevic. Our staff have been captivated by their intrigue and beauty, and as a result some of our staff's families are expanding! We think that there is something in the water!

Have a look below to see some of these beautiful creatures. Any of these staff would be happy to talk to you about their pet and share their knowledge and stories.

If you would like to share any of you reptile stories or photos, please share them on our Facebook page. 

Dr Sandy Hume's diamond python Monty


Dr Isabelle Resch's Blue tongue, Rudi

Rudi and Sam

Vet Nurse Rachel's Blue tongue, Squishy


Receptionist Steph's carpet python, Oliver

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