How to Make Your Pet’s Coat Show Ready

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At Inner South Veterinary Centre not only do we see our fair share of cats and dogs, we also frequently tend to all manner of exotic animals as well – rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, birds, reptiles and more! Needless to say we are experienced when it comes to providing the best possible care for your beloved pet.

Advantage Petcare recently featured our top advice for dog and cat owners looking to give their fur baby’s fur a boost of shine. Read the article, ‘KeepingYour Pet's Coat Healthy and Shiny’, for great information on how to achieve a show-ready coat.

When your pet starts itching and scratching, you know that something's not right. A poor coat and dry, flaky skin are the usual signs of a pet in ill physical (or even emotional) health. Whether they're suffering from a poor-shedding undercoat in the middle of summer, or are anxious about an upcoming trip, you can tell when something's up with your pet. And skin or hair conditions need to be taken care of quickly.

If you've noticed your pet's coat is looking anything less than perfect, pop in to see your local professional vet. The stellar team at the Inner South Veterinary Centre can diagnose problems in a jiffy, and have all the resources on hand to get your perfect pup or cute kitten back on track to great health, and a shiny coat.

Looking for a top tip to keep your pet's coat in great shape?

When it comes to washing your pets there are a few simple rules to follow. In an otherwise healthy dog, wash them when they are truly dirty! Dogs do not need frequent baths; this can upset the pH balance in their skin. For this reason, you should always use a pet shampoo as the pH of dog skin is quite specific and non-dog shampoos may be drying.

For dogs with skin conditions washing may need to be more frequent or with specific medicated products. And always follow a bath with a tasty treat and some good old attention – more fun for you dog and for you!

More often than not, it's fleas that are the source of the problem

A flea infestation can be identified quickly if you know what to look for. Flea bites cause an awful lot of itching and scratching, but the bugs themselves can be hard to spot as they wiggle and weave rapidly through your pet's fur.

If not treated in a timely manner, a flea problem can quickly become a serious issue, causing long-lasting damage to your pet's skin and coat. Scratching could turn bites into wounds, and constant itching can not only cause hair to fall out in patches, but also balding.

Itching and irritation can lead a dog or cat to scratch and scratch and damage their previously beautiful coat. Flea control is so important and it’s now very convenient with a range of excellent products available to control infection such as Advantage and Advantix. With a happy, itch-free pet you’ll see a glossy and beautiful coat.


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