Bird Boarding

Going away on Holidays - Need Bird Boarding?

The Comfort Cattery within the Inner South Veterinary Centre has a dedicated Bird and Exotics boarding room. We understand the special needs and requirements of our avian guests. Birds are housed in a room designed especially for them! This means no exposure to cats, ferrets or other animals that would cause them alarm. This significantly lowers the stress of being in a new environment.

The birds are cared for by a team of veterinary nurses and kennel hands that attend to their every need. They are under the supervision of the veterinarians of Inner South Veterinary Centre.


Bringing your birds in their own cage ensures that they are comfortable and in a familiar setting. The cages are cleaned daily to ensure a high level of cleanliness. The bird room is vacuumed and mopped daily to ensure infection control. If you do not have a suitable cage, we do have a number of cages that can be used.

If your bird has a few small items that they are attached to, you can bring them in to provide enjoyment and familiar smells. We do have a range of perches and toys as well as enrichment aids that make your pet’s time happier and more interesting! Many birds become bored easily and toys than can be played with and chewed are important.


Correct diet is vitally important in maintaining the health of your bird. Most pet bird diseases are related to poor nutrition. We recommend and provide a premium bird food whilst your birds are in boarding. The birds and exotic pets are offered fresh vegetables and fruit every day, and every effort is made to accommodate their special dietary requirements.

A change in diet can stress birds and predispose them to disease. If your bird is used to a particular mix of food please provide this while they are in boarding. If you would like your bird's diet assessed while they are in boarding that can be easily arranged.

Pre-boarding inspections are welcome and encouraged. Walk through appointments are available Monday to Friday between 1pm- 4pm.



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